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Covid-19 General measurements

- We will ask you to desinfect your hands each time you enter and leave the house.

- A 1,5 mtr/6 mtr distance is kept between us and you when welcoming you.

- We will show you the whole house with only 1 person.  We will ask the other people to stay in the living room and make themselves comfortable.

- All rooms are constantly aired (with healthy and fresh forest air - smiley - )

- We only use highly concentrated desinfecting cleaning products.

- All contact points (door handles, buttons, chairs, light switches,...) will get our extra attention when desinfecting.

- No people other than the guests are allowed when you are occupying the house. 

- In case you don't feel well during your stay, please do keep us informed immediately so we can take the necessary actions to help and protect you and ourselves.

Laundry and kitchenware

- Standard temperature for washing laundry and kitchenware is 65°C, thus killing all possible germs if any.

- Dirty and clean laundry is never mixed or transported in the same basket in order to prevent any possible cross-contamination.

- Highly concentrated germ-killing washing products are used.

Food & Drinks

- No food or drinks will be present at your arrival.

- Please do remove all your food / drinks (even if not openend) at check-out.  

- Refrigerater, coffee maker, tea making facilities will be desinfected before your arrival.


- Please deposit your waste in the designated bins.  They all have an inner plastic bag so they can be closed airtide.  Thank you for not leaving any litter in the small litter bins around the house.  

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